A Collection Of Scenario Projections Compiled By Darrell M. West of the Brookings Institution & Author Of The Book “The Future of Work: Robots, AI, and Automation.”



3 Emerging SMART CITY Strategies

3 Emerging SMART CITY Strategies This piece continues from the previous Smart City Framework theme, part of ArcInsight Partners' ongoing research into smart city strategies. The author invites your thoughts, critique, feedback & new research pointers. The first part of our global research (Read here: Smart City Pt.-1: A Framework…


Industrial IoT’s MONETIZABLE VALUE: A Look Through The Fog

Parts of this article were inspired from an upcoming part-2 of a continuing whitepaper series about industrial IoT's monetizable value creation from ArcInsight Partners, a research & strategy advisory firm with a focus on Industrial IoT, enterprise digital transformation & smart city evolutionary strategies (part-1 here). The author Praas Chaudhuri…


SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: The Hannover Messe Report

Hannover Messe 2017 Raised The Bar For An International Industrial Conference. Since our last visit to Hannover Messe two years ago while it still billed itself as an industrial equipment showcase, #HM17 is now at its heart an Industrial-IoT conference with an equipment showcase included. And a show at an…


An Experience Layer For Industrial IoT

A resurgence in manufacturing is underway around the world. Industrial product creation has also progressed beyond operating Reliability to Features & Functionality in the last two decades. Functionality has in the last couple of years progressed beyond the one-dimensional focus on technology on towards user/operator Interaction. And Interactions is only…


MICROSOFT: The Hannover Messe Report

We mentioned in Part I earlier how Hannover Messe is emerging as an Industrial-IoT conference at ts heart, with an equipment showcase included. The size, organization and content quality of HM17 has grown to dwarf most IoT conferences around the world. As always, ArcInsight Partners appreciates the time companies spend…