Indeed, the term “artificial intelligence” is notorious for having a relatively amorphous definition. Some of these technologies will merely enhance existing products and processes. Others will create entirely new products and services to sell to consumers and businesses.  The global market of A.I. related products and services will be a multi-billion dollar market soon.

Moving Organizations Away From Tribal Knowledge To Shared Knowledge.

Machine Learning, when combined with data from remote diagnostics help augment employee talent and reduce the amount of time needed for training. When a company owns the data and the intelligence behind the data, it no longer has to rely on the tribal knowledge.

Looking At How Companies Are Leveraging Cognitive Applications Built On Data-Science Models To Create New Monetizable Value.

Machine Learning changes maintenance and service approaches from a Reactive Path (Remote monitoring activities relying on a device to tell you that an error has occurred) – into a Predictive Path which enables organizations to begin thinking about what’s happening in real-time and over a distribution of time curve. Through constant improvement, the efficiency of a field asset, and know when it requires attention.

Visualization Of Companies Investing In AI (SpiderBook)


Optimizing For Outcomes In Complex Process Manufacturing Environments | A Multi-Dimensional Algorithmic Challenge

ArcInsight Partners’ new report examines analytics innovations from three companies, bringing some field experiences solving domain-specific problems using IIoT analytics. Oil & Gas midstream refining and chemical process/batch manufacturing often throw the hardest multivariate problems for optimization of processes. Two are early technology companies with a track record combining domain specific models with AI to solve client process issues. The third, a business unit of a large global conglomerate. The three companies exemplify the use of deep-domain expertise with operating experiences in upstream & midstream of oil &, gas and downstream aromatics process and chemicals industries. One is based in Europe, the other in Asia, the third headquartered in the United States.

Leveraging AI In Industrial-IoT Applications

ArcInsight Partners Profiles An Interesting Company That Has Developed A Unique Artificial Intelligence Technique, Deployed On Several Field Industrial-IoT Installations.

Deploying Artificial Intelligence Into An Industrial-IoT Solution.

Explorations With Amnon Shenfeld, CEO & Co-Founder Of  3DSignals, And His AI Team Based in Tel Aviv.

FLUTURA Breaks New Ground In Industrial-IoT With Its CEREBRA SIGNALSTUDIO™ Platform

Flutura’ s Cerebra SignalStudio™ is an AI platform for IIoT, tuned to integrate and analyze machine data in a manner to drive business outcomes through pre-built verticalized apps.

ArcInsight Partners spent several months traveling and meeting with leading companies in the fast growing India market as part of its upcoming research on the State Of Industrial-IoT In India.  We spent a lot of time with the founding leadership team at Flutura Decision Sciences, a very smart IIoT analytics company with strong domain credentials, that embodies the true monetizable value delivery spirit most companies continue to struggle to achieve today.

How Flutura Deploys Artificial Intelligence To Solve Industrial Process Problems.

Flutura’s team of domain-centric data science experts, and their deep knowledge of specific industries such as Upstream Oil & Gas and Chemical process Industries makes this company the best positioned to build effective IIoT predictive solutions for clients in this specialized niche.


CLOBOTICS Caught Our Attention With Its Automated Drone-based Wind Turbine Inspection Technology.

Beginning of 2015, there were nearly 270,000 individual wind turbines operating globally, with more than 800,000 blades spinning on these turbines which are continually battered by the elements over time causing gradual wear out. Deterioration can cause reduced energy production in early stages and catastrophic and costly blade collapse if left unnoticed. With an increasing proportion of grid power coming from renewable power-sources (solar, wind, hydro, others) going forward, the type of solutions being developed by Clobotics are poised to play an important role in the space for a long time to come.


ArcInsight Partners Studied Several Players Involved In Machine Vision. The Underlying Mechanisms Driven By Deep Neural Networks & Their Variants

What Does Machine Vision Really Do: A Look At DNNs

This Udemy Video Does A Great Job Breaking Down The Basics Of How Deep Neural Networks Work


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