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Enterprises Must Transform Digitally To Face The Next Phase Of Their Competitive Lives.

Together With Digital Platforms, Content Ubiquity, Social Amplification And New Dimensions Of Customer Experience Insight Available Via Internet-of-Things, This Is A Transformation Opportunity Like No Other.

A View From The Corner Office


Digital Transformations in their fundamental form aim to reduce a reliance on people, maximize the use of digital tools and algorithms to support better decision quality and reconfigure the enterprise to support a new business future state that represents a discontinuity from its past past trajectory. A more tangible message to shareholders talks about transformation initiatives being launched with the dual promise of reducing structural costs, and supercharging growth.

IIoT & Digital Transformation: How VOLTAS Turned Its Customers Around

ArcInsight Partners spent several months traveling and meeting with leading companies in the fast growing India market as part of its ongoing research on the State Of Industrial-IoT In India.  We spent a lot of time with these leadership teams to identify company with strong domain credentials, and IIoT use-cases that embody the true potential of monetizable value delivery, something most companies today continue to struggle with.

Every product-focused company wants to maximize the lifetime value of its installed base. But incredible sales opportunities are missed if you don’t know the who, what and where related to the products you have already sold. Field service is a massive and growing opportunity, powered by companies that make machines and equipment we use every day. And all of these machines need to be fixed, maintained and sometimes returned or replaced.

Leveraging CRM Powered By IoT-Analytics: The Underlying Strategy For Connected Tires

Digital Technologies Are Taking Center Stage Both In Automotive OEM Markets & Commercial Fleet-Vehicle Aftermarkets.

 ArcInsight Partners worked with a major tire manufacturer in one of the world’s fastest-growing passenger car market and in early 2017, advised a top tire-brand on a strategy and roadmap for connected tires.  Our advisory group proposed the concept for a connected tire ecosystem to the industry.



Predictive Maintenance In Action

A Conversation With Patrick Bass, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevators

Arcinsight Partners’ Principal Analyst Praas Chaudhuri Sat Down With Patrick Bass, CEO Of thyssenkrupp Americas Elevator Business To Gain Insights Into The Company’s Industrial-IoT Journey.

Building A Successful Strategy For The Internet Of Things

Cisco’s Maciej Kranz & ArcInsight Partners’ Praas Chaudhuri Pick Out Best Practices That Make Industrial-IoT Intiatives Succeed In Large Enterprises.



ArcInsight Partners Whitepaper On Enterprise Digital Transformation.

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