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We invite leaders to weigh-in with their valuable opinions, experiences and thoughts, through our periodic limited-time surveys. All information provided is kept confidential and used only to aggregate trends in your industry. Our reports and whitepapers include survey aggregations to support broader research conclusions derived from internal research, analyst briefings and one-on-one sessions.  Arcinsight Partners Appreciates Your Time To Help Shape Your Industry Directions.

[ OPEN ]   Please participate in a new survey on Transitioning To A Subscription Model.

ArcInsight Research has designed a questionnaire to better understand how today’s industrial software leaders are managing the transition path  to a subscription business model. We invite you to take 5-10 minutes of your time to participate.

Who Should Take This Survey?   Industrial Software  CEOs, strategy leaders, sales  operations, finance, customer success, product management, account management, and anybody else involved with managing the subscription business.
Privacy & Confidentiality:  Your identity is neither released nor included in the report. Only your response and that of your peers will be included in the summarized report you can opt to receive.