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Enterprises Must Transform Digitally To Face The Next Phase Of Their Competitive Lives. Together With Digital Platforms, Content Ubiquity, Social Amplification And New Dimensions Of Data Available Through Industrial-IoT, This Is A Transformation Like No Other.

A Strong Data-signal Of Impending Catastrophic Event In A Physical Machine Is Often The Function Of Tiny (Noisy) Signals Being Emitted From Smaller, Subliminal Events Upstream To It. Events That A Human Operator May Not Prioritize In The Course Of A Day’s Normal Operation At A Power-Generation Facility Or An Oil-Drilling Rig.

Many sophisticated computational & signal processing tools and methods have played a huge role in bringing machine learning and artificial intelligence into the industrial internet. Methods such as Kalman Filter smoothing automate the process of drawing inferences while also adjusting for noise inherent in sensors. Kalman filters use the prior belief about the state of a system, and ensembles measurement of the next measured state and model of how the system evolves from prior state (derived from the physics of an equipment) to make an improved estimate of the current system state. Analytic models that used Kalman smoothing produced better predictive performance than those applied to raw industrial sensor-data.


EMERGING INNOVATORS: Radiflow’s CIARA Industrial Risk Assessment and Management Platform

Attacks On Industrial Infrastructure Are Rising At An Alarming Rate.

OT/ICS Cybersecurity Threats Remain An Underappreciated Risk Area.

Radiflow is a next-generation cybersecurity company focused entirely on protecting from and preempting attacks on industrial infrastructure. this emerging innovator based in Isreal takes an enterprise impact perspective with a view to prioritizing the most vital assets to secure first, before designing and implementing mitigation strategies.


Winegrid® is a real time and remote monitoring platform that will allow winemakers to have an eye inside the wine vat.

Winegrid is a smart solution based on a network of innovative sensors placed in a container (barrel, tank, press) during the vinification process of wine. It is capable of providing, for the first time ever, real-time analysis and control the 5 crucial vinification parameters (level, colour, turbidity, density and temperature), sending information directly to a specially built online platform. It is the internet of things (IoT) for wine production.

THE EDGE: Industrial IoT's Flavor-Of-The-Year

In the last iteration of an IIoT Industry Solutions Map by ArcInsight Partners, we examined a selection of key players that make up the backbone of industrial-IoT solutions today. Many are legacy players born in the industrial automation space that own a treasure trove of insights about what it takes to manage industrial equipment at the edge.  Read here.

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